Meet Vallary Shingoia

Vallary Shingoia is 14 years old and a second born child in a family of three. She lives with her mother in Mukhonje village, Lurambi Subcounty, Kakamega County in Kenya. Her elder brother scored 371 marks and was unable to join high school due to lack of fees. Her younger sister is also not in school due to lack of school fees, she dropped out of school in grade four and she has not been able to go back since her mother cannot afford to pay for them.

Her father’s whereabouts are unknown and her mother did not have a chance to go to school. She keeps chicken as a source of livelihood. Vallary does manual jobs during her free time and on weekends to buy herself sanitary towels and other basic needs. They live in a three roomed house made of mud and cow dung.

Vallary scored 271 marks in her primary education examination (KCPE) and she joined Mukhonje Secondary school this year through the help of Jali sisters

Vallary Shingoia