Meet Tricia Njoki

Tricia Njoki is a 14 year old girl, always smart, clean and very bright despite the environment and state of her home. She lives in Shiranga Village, Njiru Subcounty, Nairobi County in Kenya. She is the first born in a family of three. Her father is a mechanical engineer by profession but cannot go to work since he has a spinal cord injury and he can neither walk nor sit. He depends on well wishers for financial support to cater for his medical bills. Tricia’s mother got married at age 17 due to lack of funds to complete high school. She survives on washing clothes for people (local laundry) and she makes between $2-3 a day which is not enough to cater for her family needs. She is looking for someone to sponsor her to take a course in catering so that she can be financially independent.

Tricia loves church and she is our brand ambassador on sanitary towels production. The first video we did on sanitary towels was done by her. She would like to be a doctor. Jali is proud to see such a bright girl join high school and continue with her education.

Tricia Njoki