Girls Matter Solutions

Our holistic approach supports the girls and their communities in Uganda and Kenya:

  1. Funding girls to go to school
  2. Funding menstrual supplies
  3. Collaborating with non-profit partners
  4. Mentoring program
  5. Offering micro-finance loans to graduates

Empowering Girls through Education


Our initiative focuses on sponsoring girls’ education, primarily by sending them to boarding schools that cover all essential aspects—meals, healthcare, accommodation, and education. This is crucial because many villages lack high school facilities, often providing only primary education.

Girls seeking educational support go through our meticulous application process. Our on-the-ground team, intimately familiar with each girl and her family, initially reviews and vets applications. Upon meeting the set criteria, applications proceed to the Board of Directors for approval.

Once approved, we facilitate the pairing of sponsors with girls. Sponsors receive regular updates, including report cards, letters, and videos. If desired, sponsors can also engage in communication with the girls they support.

Empowering Girls with Menstrual Health

Our initiative extends beyond education to fund menstrual supplies for all girls in the villages where we operate. These supplies are eco-friendly and reusable, contributing to sustainability. For just $10, you can provide a girl with a year’s worth of menstrual supplies.

Without supplies, the girls are forced to stay at home, in pandemic-like isolation for a week of every month; or if they are at boarding school, they have to stay in their room and cannot attend classes.   

Every woman remembers the horror of someone finding out about her period.  Maybe it was Dad, an older brother, or a male teacher in school. Decades later, many of us can still recall awkward moments of menstruation.

Girls Matter wants to see an end to this monthly ordeal of confinement and embarrassment and to girls missing a week of school every month. 

Furthermore, our support not only benefits the girls but also the local economy. We source supplies locally, often from women in the slums who craft these items, providing them with a valuable source of income to support their own families.

Empowering Girls with Menstrual Health

Collaborating for Holistic Well-being

Recognizing the scope of our mission, we acknowledge the importance of collaboration. In tandem with other organizations, we are working to elevate the overall well-being of the families of the girls we support.

This collaborative effort includes initiatives to enhance food sources, promote sustainable cooking options, and introduce electricity to the villages, creating a comprehensive impact on the communities we serve. Together, we strive to foster positive change and uplift the lives of these families.

“Your support has pushed me to another level, I can see my future is going to be good. Girls Matter has really changed my life, taking me from being illiterate to literate.”

Evelyn Kawola

Girls Matter graduate from fashion & design school

Evelyn in school uniform

Guiding Girls to Greatness

Our mentorship program aims to provide essential additional support to girls, addressing their unique challenges and aspirations. This initiative encourages them to dream bigger, grasp the expanded possibilities available to them, and instills hope in rising above their current circumstances. Through this program, we ensure that no girl slips through the cracks and that they can flourish in all aspects of their lives.

This commitment ensures that every investment in a girl is maximized to its fullest potential. Currently, our mentor,  raised in Nigeria, has succeeded in creating a prosperous life and business in North America. Her personal journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for the girls we educate.

“I will give back to my community by encouraging the girl child, letting her know that there is hope in education and education is the key to success.”

Peninah Namondo

Graduate with degree in logistics

Peninah Namondo

Empowering Entrepreneurship

As part of our commitment to creating lasting change, we provide micro-finance loans to select girls upon completing their education. This initiative not only encourages entrepreneurship but also generates employment opportunities within their communities,  and develops leaders who pay it forward for the next generation.

The girls undergo a comprehensive learning process, developing essential skills such as business planning, SWOT analysis, and forecasting. To secure a loan, they complete a detailed workbook, showing a thorough understanding of their business endeavors. Our Board of Directors then reviews and approves these proposals, paving the way for these young entrepreneurs to make a positive impact on their community.

“My dream of becoming a teacher has finally come to reality thanks to Girls Matter. I desire to educate and shape the minds of the next generation due to the knowledge that I have acquired”.

Rebecca Nadutu

Studying for her nursing degree

Evelyn in school uniform

Empowering Community Contributions

Our girls are actively contributing to their community in remarkable ways. For instance:

  • Jane, our inaugural university graduate, assists illiterate villagers in completing essential paperwork.
  • Evelyn, who completed her seamstress training, skillfully crafted all the graduation gowns for the pre-schoolers to wear, showcasing her talent and dedication.
Community gathering with little grads
Graduates in the classroom
Graduates with their teacher
Group of grads

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