Meet Joan Nafuna

Courses I wish to study


I enjoy this course because in our village there are no nurses and I help the people in my society


I like this course because I enjoy my teacher when they are teaching

My name is Nafuna Joan.  I live in Sironko district and Buyaya parish.  I am Ugandan and I was born in 1999.  My parents are Ugandan. In our family, I was the fourth born.

I am a student at Sironko Parents Secondary School and I am in S3 but I want to study and go to a course but I don’t have someone to help me with fund to go to school and it is going to be my final year in high school.

I want to study and go to a course of nursing and I like this course because it is going to help my help sick people in my community and to save people’s lives in whole world like our country Uganda. We have no nurses so I want to be a nurse.

And another course I want is teaching. I also like this course because it will help me to teach children or student so that they can also become like me.

I am an orphan but if God helps me and I pursue this nursing course I will also help my nephew and sisters to educate them and get a good future.

I thank you for any help rendered.

Nafuna Joan

Joan Nafuna