Meet Mary Wanjiru

Mary Wanjiru is a 17-year-old girl and the second born in a family of three. She lives with her mother in Njiru Subcounty, Nairobi County in Kenya. Her elder brother dropped out school in 2021 due to lack of school fees and he is currently doing odd jobs to save money so that he can start a small business.  Mary’s younger brother got lost three years ago. Efforts to locate him have not born any fruits. Mary has been doing casual jobs over the weekends to educate herself and this affected her academic performance since she could not raise enough funds.

Her mother owns a grocery but what she gets as profit is not enough to feed, clothe and educate her children at high school level. Mary’s father disappeared when she was three years old. He went to the market  to buy food and never returned home, the case has been reported severally to different police stations but he has not been found to date.

Jali Sisters intervened and she has been able to go back to school and continue with her studies.

Mary Wanjiru