Meet Joy Musenya

Joy Musenya is 13 years old, her parents are alive but unable to work due to a medical condition. She lives in Kwa Mutisia village in Tala Subcounty, Machakos County in Kenya. Her family depends on well-wishers for food, clothes and other requirements. They have nothing to depend on except 5 chicken kept by Joy’s younger brother. The chicken were donated to the family by Joy’s grandmother who is 86 years old. The situation in their home is pathetic, they live in an incomplete house which they had started constructing before the condition struck. Some people here say its witchcraft because their hands cannot touch anything, they can sit but cannot stand or walk. They do not have money to seek medical attention.

Joy is very bright and she leads Sunday school when she is on school holiday. She is a lady of strong faith. Jali has helped her join high school this year and we are hopeful that she will be able to complete her high school education, join college and get a good job.

Joy Musenya