It is really a blessing to share information about my education.
I am happy that you among people who are supporting it.  You really helping me, my district, and surrounding area.


The reason why I want to apply for nursing is that I want to help the health status of our community and many girls have gone for marriage because of support. I have applied to nursing to help the community health status.  For example, our community lacks nurses and you find that most of the girls are married due to lack of support. We also lack hospitals so we end up losing people due to lack of first aid and I am sure that I can manage it according to my education performance.

Computer Science

I want to promote our country and area how to use computers.

The reason why I applied for education is computer science is that to promote our area and Uganda as a country.  By educating children from primary levels to advance levels when they understand how to use computers effectively.

I am proud of it and pray for it.