Meet Grace Prisca Odhiambo

Grace Prisca Odhiambo celebrated her 13th Birthday on 12th March this year. She is a calm and joyful girl. A first born in a family of three. Grace, together with the family worship at Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK). She is very active in church matters as she is a leader in the brigade team, she leads and loves singing.

Grace’s mother is epileptic. They have been staying with the maternal family in Koru village, Muhoroni subcounty, Kisumu County in Kenya with her grandmother. Grace aspires to be a medical doctor and this pushes her to work hard in her studies. She hopes that one day she will be in a position to grant her mother and other people suffering from epilepsy and related illnesses a permanent solution.

Her grandmother is really struggling financially to provide food, getting other basics like dignity packs, clothing, bedding, reading materials and school fees among others have been a great challenge to grace.

When Grace completed her primary education she scored 304/500 marks, the grandparent was very worried on whether she will join school. She was rescued by Jali Sisters and enrolled in a very good school this year 2023.

Grace Prisca Odhiambo