Meet Gloria Negesa



There is a lot of injustice in the Ugandan Judiciary.  I want to help the oppressed.


I like the teaching course as well because there is an assurance of a job unlike other fields.  There are many schools opening up every other day.


I am Negesa Gloria, an eighteen year old born into a family of five.  I am a senior six candidate finalising my high school this November studying history economics and geography at Mengo Senior Secondary School in Kampala.

Completing my Uganda advanced education, I will then be able to join University.  My grades will guide me on which particular     course to take at university.

My best preference will be law in case I excel in my academics as I hope.  Law is good paying in terms of salary. I will then be able to support my sisters continue with their education since my parents are finding great hardship in educating all of us.

There are many of my community members who are oppressed in law courts.  They need bribes from them which they cannot afford and so end up losing out.  I really feel the need on my own heart to help people who are illiterate and have no idea on court issues.  Sometimes it is ignorance that leads some of my community members to be imprisoned. 

Above all, I need to support myself financially. Most Ugandan girls have it in mind that one must have a boyfriend in order to succeed.  I don’t agree with that.  My degree will help me take care of myself.  I will not depend on anyone.

I will be grateful when put into your consideration

Your sincerely
Negesa Gloria
Mengo Secondary School
Kampala .