Meet Esther Nambutu

Courses I wish to study

Accounting and Finance

I like this course because I enjoy balancing books of accounts.

Statistics and Applied Economics

I enjoy handling and analysing data and interpreting it.

I am Nambutu Esther studying at Buhugu Secondary School completing senior studies.  I have been studying at this school for six years and next year I hope to join university.

I am the first born in the family of 5 children, my parents are farmers.  It is hard for them to earn for all our education needs.

I pursue to study accounting and finance such that I can get employed and cater for all my personal needs and also help my younger brothers to study.

I also want to help the community by helping them to establish some projects in order for them to acquire jobs and sustain their lives plus advising them on proper financial management because some of them are illiterate.

And may God bless you abundantly!

Nambutu Esther

Esther Nakami