Meet Elizabeth Nyambura

Elizabeth Nyambura is 14 years old and she loves singing Christian songs and volunteering in her local church. She lives in Mathare slums with her parents and her two brothers in a one roomed house that has no proper ventilation, no water and no toilet. She smiles all the time despite the challenges she faces back at home. Her parents are alive though they cannot support her education because her father was involved in a grisly road accident which left him with a major spinal cord injury which later led to stroke. Her mother did not have a chance to go to school and she can neither read nor write English and therefore getting a well-paying job is a challenge. Elizabeth’s family depend on the two dollars her mother earns from doing manual work. They survive on one meal a day. Her two brothers aged 15 and 17 years are still minors and cannot be employed by anyone, they also did not have a chance to complete their education.

Jali Sisters assisted Elizabeth to join Lavington Girls Secondary School this year in March. She was referred to Jali Sisters by the Deputy County Commissioner and the area Chief of Mathare Subcounty for assistance. She is now happy and studying hard to change life back at home. This was made possible by the financial support from Girls Matter through Melissa Deally.

Elizabeth Nyambura