If Developing Countries Were To Educate Just 1% More Girls,

Their GDP Would Improve By Billions of Dollars (source WeForum.org)

Educating Girls Will Break the Poverty Cycle!

An Educated Mother Will Ensure Her Own Girls Are Educated, Creating A Positive Ripple Effect For Generations To Come.

Here’s How You Can Make a Huge Difference with a Small Contribution

There are various ways you can contribute to our mission:

  • Educate one girl for a year, covering all her education, accommodation, and meals: $1600 USD
  • Provide menstrual supplies for one girl for a year: $10 USD
  • Sponsor a Hope Sac for sustainable cooking  $50 USD
  • Donate to supply a rechargeable battery and solar panel, bringing electricity to a public building in the village: $500 USD

Help 1 girl per month, with a $10 monthly subscription donation.

NOTE: To create a monthly subscription, all you have to do is create an account on Give Wise.

(For the same amount as ONE TRIP to Starbucks...You Can Provide ONE Girl with DIGNITY!)

Tax Receipt With Every Donation!

Girls Matter Vision

Girls Matter’s vision is to support education of girls in developing countries, to increase the respect, visibility and equality for girls in their communities.

Girls Matter’s mission is to increase access to financial support for girls’ high school and / or post secondary education in developing countries.

3 key program areas:

  • Educate girls to complete high school. In select cases, consider educating girls to complete University.
  • Support girls to attend classes all year long, by providing menstrual pads (currently they regularly miss 1 week of classes / month).
  • Through education, reduce the # of teenage marriages / teenage Moms.

The solution is simple. Educate the girls.
However, it's not easy. It takes a lot of money.
Please help us. Click to donate.


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