Meet Branice and Lavin

Branice  Amagove  is 17 years old and Lavin Muguva is 18 years old. Branice and Lavin  are  bright girls in school and they always took the best positions in class until their father was killed by unknown people and their mother poisoned leaving their mother unable to perform any heavy duties. They live with their sickly mother in Nyahuri village, Hamisi Subcounty, Vihiga County in Kenya.

They dropped out of school in form three last year in 2022 after having challenges with paying school fees. They have been able to go back to school through the help of Jali Sisters though their other two siblings, boy and girl have not been able to join high school due to lack of funds. Their mother Mary is looking for support to start a salon business since she had already trained in hairdressing skills.

Branice and Lavin